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Salvador Dali:"Malen ist ein sehr kleiner Teil meiner Begabung": Platz, der dem brillantesten, der Menschheit bekannten Künstler, zugeordnet ist. Der surrealistische Eugenio Salvador Dalí und seine paranoisch-kritische Methode.


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Dali Biography

  "...If you reincarnate in things  ~  Do it as pencil or paintbrush
And Gala, of silky skin  ~  May she do it as canvas or paper
If you reincarnate in flesh  ~  Just reincarnate back in yourself
Because we're scarce of geniuses  ~  'Eungenio' Salvador Dalí..."
  (Song by José María Cano: )

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  Dali Biography  Biography  of Salvador Dali, one of the most brilliant artist known to mankind.

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  Art Biographies  More than 200 Biographies of  Painting Masters

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  News  News around the world about Salvador Dali

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   Centennial  Salvador Dali Centennial Magazine: 101th Birthday in 2005
Gallery IV    Gallery I  Art Gallery I: 1925-1936         Gallery II   Art Gallery II: 1937-1947
Gallery IV-b   Gallery III   Art Gallery III: 1947-1970        Gallery IV   Art Gallery III: 1971-1983
3D-Gallery    Gallery IV-b  The Divine Comedy        3D-Gallery  3D Gallery. Anaglyph paintings
3D-Techniques   3D-Techniques  3-Dimensional  techniques: Three-dimensional viewing on the web.
Interpretations   Interpretations  Kommentare und Auslegungen.


  Critical-Paranoiac Paranoisch-kritische Methode..


  Gala   Gala - Elena Dimitrovna Diakonova: Galuschka, Gala Gradiva, Galatea Plácida.
Dali Quotes   Dali Quotes   Quotations: Salvador Dali's Ideas, that float between the genius and madness.
Book Reviews   Book Reviews   Books about Salvador Dali -  Reviews
Fuzzy Egg   Fuzzy Egg   Fuzzy-Floating-Egg:  Discrete Simulation on a Salvador Dali painting
Dalí Market   Dalí Market   Salvador Dali's: Clocks-Fragrances-Framed Art-Books-Posters-Videos
Posters    Posters   Find the best Posters and prints framed or unframed. 
Dali Links   Dali Links  Salvador Dali Link: Sites on the web related to the Painter.
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References   To watch anaglyph, You will need Red on left side - to see Dali in 3D red on the left and  blue/ right . If you have Blue on left side - Don't show Dali in 3Dblue on the left and red/right click      HERE


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