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3D for a Beautiful  Work of Art.

    The legendary, unfinished, animated “Destino", fruit of a 1946 project between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali; has been completed and premiered on June 2, 2003 at the opening of this year's Annecy International Animation Film Festival, 57 years after it was conceived. The animated film has also participated in other festivals in Melbourne, Montreal, New York and Venice. More recently was screened at the grand opening of the “Dali, Mass Media and Culture Exhibition” in Barcelona, Spain honoring the 100th anniversary of the artist's birth.

 This seven minute mixture of live action and animation is a love story without dialogs between two young lovers, a bat, and a baseball; who must overcome numerous obstacles to fulfill their affection. It includes typical Dali images such as eyeballs wearing dinner jackets, melting clocks, ravaging ants, a monastery bell tower, the Tower of Babel, a wall eroded by the sands of time, a ballerina's head that turns into a baseball, the Venus sculpture coming to life as a beautiful woman, and two gargoyle heads resembling the artist with turtle bodies; among many others. Walt Disney would say “…Dali conceived American baseball as a ballet choreography for the first time ever…”

 Dominique Monfery, a French director and expert in animation, created an adequate balance between the original paintings themselves, animation, and the plasticity of 3D computer modeling. Roy Disney said “…this work is appropriate to represent the ‘plastic quality’ in Dali (…) It's highly dimensional so the few things we did construct in 3D fit right in and you could move the virtual camera around these objects as the Tower of Babel, the monastery bell tower, the wall where sands of time slip away…” The end result is a seamless blending of 80% 2D and 20% 3D animation’s effects.

 The film “Destino” received an Oscar nomination in the short animated film category in 2004.



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