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Project: Dali’s Museum in Prague

    Miro Smolak wants to build a museum in the old city centre of Prague to mark the centennial of Dali’s birth on May 11. Renowned U.S. architect Daniel Libeskind, (who designed the blueprint for the building to replace the World Trade Center in New York), unveiled his design for a modern museum on Prague's waterfront that will house works by the late Spanish surrealist artist, Salvador Dali.

It's a very special building based on very simple geometries that Salvador Dali used, the circle and square. The museum, which is expected to cost around $25.7 million, would display between 1,000 and 1,500 Dali works on loan from collections in Spain, France and Germany. The privately-funded project would also include a contemporary art hall, a restaurant, and flats for visiting artists and a theater. If it receives the go-ahead from city planning officials the museum could be built on the edge of the city's UNESCO-protected Old Town by the end of 2007.

Beside Figueras (Spain) and Saint Petersburg (Florida), Prague in Checkoslovakia could become soon in the third world-wide destination for Dali lovers.



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