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Tribute to Anna María Dalí.

    The Museum "Casa Natal Federico García Lorca" (Birthplace of Federico Garcia Lorca) pays tribute to Anna Maria Dalí, only sister of the controversial painter Salvador Dalí, with the exhitbit "ANNA MARÍA DALÍ Y FEDERICO GARCÍA LORCA EN LA PLAYA DE FUENTE VAQUEROS”. This presentation will be part of the traditional celebration organized since 1976 in Fuente Vaqueros, to commemorate the birthday of Federico García Lorca.

In this manner, the García Lorca Patronage of the Diputación of Granada, pays tribute to Anna Maria Dalí, who in 1987 donated important manuscripts to the poet's Museum. The documents which contain the history beginning with their first meeting in1925, include photographs taken in 1927 and beautiful letters addressed by García Lorca to Anna Maria. They are the testimony of a beautiful and loyal friendship that lasted until his death in Cadaqués, fourteen years ago.

Some of Anna Maria's writings emphasize the personality of García Lorca and evoke his stays in Cadaqués, his friendship with the entire family and particularly with Salvador, to whom he was a confidant. Among them, a letter of pain and anger, where Salvador's father confessed to the poet his son's extravagant behavior that so disturbed the family environment.

During his stays at Dali's family home, the poet occupied a room that was also Salvador's studio. The window on that room has been immortalized, not only by the poet's memories but because it is the frame of that wonderful picture of Dalí, where he painted his sister Anna looking toward the sea (Muchacha en la ventana), gazing at that which Lorca admired every morning.

Another of the outstanding pieces in this exhibition is the sketch of the set design for the play "Mariana Pineda", created by Dalí and Lorca, including outlines drawn by Anna Maria. The Dali’s piece "La Mano con Hormigas" (The Hand with Ants), a sequence from the film “El perro andaluz”, is also part of the exhibit.



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