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Dalí and Walt Disney, two geniuses.

    "I have come to Hollywood and I have encountered three great American surrealists: the Marx Brothers, Cecil B. DeMille and Walt Disney", Dalí wrote to his friend André Breton in 1937.

Walt Disney and Dalí had the opportunity to work together in 1946 in the short animated film called "Destino". Due to financial problems, the film was left unfinished. Now, 57 years later, the film has been concluded by a team of 25 experts in animation spearheaded by Roy Disney, vice-president of the company and producer Baker Bloodworth (Dinosaur).

The six-minute film, directed by Dominique Monfery is said to be true to its original design and concept. John Hench (now 95) who was designated by Walt Disney as director of the original project has been consulted on the new Destino. The film includes 150 sketches, drawings and paintings made by Dalí, the fused clock and the tower of Babel, among others.

A curator from the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, called Destino "the perfect combination of Dalí and Disney." The film will be included in "Dalí 2004," a Spanish exhibit celebrating the 100-year anniversary of Dalí's birth.


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