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V 4.5: july-28-2004.


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    The Palazzo Grassi in Venice will host the largest ever retrospective on Salvador Dali, his extraordinary life and his work.  We will see part of his work as a painter, sculptor, writer, photographer, poet, cinematographic producer, stage designer, etc.

 The exhibition “Dali”, celebrating the centenary of the birth of the versatile Catalan master, will take place from September 12th 2004 until 9th January 2005 and will be opened by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, president of Italy, and the King and Queen from Spain.

 More than 200 works of art, from 130 museums and private collections of 15 countries around the world will be shown in Venice. The biggest one comes from the collection of the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation with 26 oil paintings, 19 drawings and numerous documents; 11 works of art come from the “Centro de Arte Reina Sofia” in Madrid; and 16 oil paintings and 2 drawings from the collection of the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.

 Professor Dawn Ades, a leading Dali specialist from the University of Essex, is the curator of this major retrospective. She is one of the most well known experts in this specific field and will be collaborating in the exhibition with Montse Aguer, director of the Dalinians Centre of Studies in Figueres.

 The exposition is divided in twenty thematic sections and will be distributed throughout the 36 rooms of the Palazzo Grassi, one of the most emblematic buildings of those shown in the Great Channel of Venice. The building, that was projected in 1740 by Giorgio Massari by order of a wealthy family of Venice and that the Fiat group manages as a corporation since 1984; occupies a surface of more than 4,000 square meters. The artistic career of the genius’ work will be shown in an inverse chronological way because the architecture of the palace impedes to place the works of great format from his late period in the second floor.

 Works of art of great format as “The Dream of Venus” (1933), as well as miniatures like a “Picture of Ana Maria Dali in swimsuit” (1927); his first work “View of Cadaqués from the Pani’s mount” (1917) and his last one “Swallowtail” (1985) will be seen in the exhibition, as well as  “The Great Masturbator” (1929), “Portrait of Luis Buñuel (1924), “Portrait of my father” (1925), “The Mannequin of Barcelona”(1926), “The rotten Donkey”(1928), “Premonition of Civil War”(1936), Impressions of Africa(1938), The Endless Enigma(1938), among many others, two of them are unpublished. As well as displaying many paintings by Dali, the exhibition will explore his creative relationships with other artists, such as Marcel Duchamp and Antoni Gaudi.



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