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  Salvador Dali on "What's My Line?".  This ten minute clip is drawn from the famous 1950s game show, and it's quite surreal. I don't use the word surreal loosely: the special guest is Salvador Dali.
Remarks: Even with his well known eccentricities, you may observe in this TV appearance, how serious and focused he was  when concentrated on something.
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Salvador Dali & Gala Born From An Egg.
Remarks: This short film about the birth of Dalí himself, is  related in concept with his painting titled "Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of a New Man", in which the object of new life refers to the new American society.
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Gallery IV   Destino (Disney/Dali)  A trailer for the Salvador Dali/Disney collaboration "Destino" that was begun in the 40's and only released recently.
Remarks: This is a result from the combination of  Dali's world and Disney's World. Many symbols are here presented in other paintings like desert ladscape, rocks, shells, telephones, and bells.
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Destino 2 (Disney/Dali).  Destino was a Salvador Dali/Disney compilation began in the 40's and recently released. This is another trailer.
Remarks: This is  Dali's creativity attracted Walt Disney's attention, however some of the sequences may be too strong for younger audiences, for example the expected hitting of the ¨object¨ by the baseball player.
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Gallery IV-b  
Interpretations   Spellbound - The Dream (designed by Salvador Dali).
Remarks: These where the images created by the Painter for Alfred Hitchcock's film ¨Spellbound¨. Many of his work was inspired in dreams. He was also very interested in psychoanalysis and Freud's ideas.
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Manitas De Plata, Jose' Reyes with Salvador Dali.
Remarks: Dalí is painting under the influence of the ¨Flamenco¨, a very rich spainsh music often combining strong and intense lyrics with vivid rhythms and colorful guitar accords.
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Book Reviews   Salvador Dali-Christ of St.John of the Cross Documentary 1/3.  Short and fascinating documentary which traces the City of Glasgow's acquisition of Salvador Dali's masterpiece, 'Christ of St.John of the Cross'. It also provides an interesting look into the painting's background and origin. The documentary is in three parts. This is part one
Remarks: This is about one of the most notorious religious paintings of Dalí. It's also one of the most appreciated and known masterpieces in the community.
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Dali in some Comercials.  Dali in: chocolates Lanving, Alka-Seltzer, Veterano.
Remarks: Dalí monetized his popularity and was proud to be called ¨Avida Dollars¨.
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Fuzzy Egg  
Dalí Market  
Dali Links   Salvador Dali - Persistence of Memory.  Salvador Dali - Persistence of Memory @ The MOMA. The piece is actually really small. This video shows you how big it is.
Remarks: The film helps to understand the size of this painting. The concept however, contributes to the fame of the painter and is present in many of his other works.
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Remarks: Salvador Dalí salutes Pablo Picasso effusively  from a garden.
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    Salvador Dali & Vermeer's Lacemaker. A short clip of Salvador Dali's Lacemaker/Rhinoceros experiments, and a slideslow of paintings on the subject.
Remarks: Vermeer´s Lacemaker is among the few paintings that were profoundly studied by Dalí. In this case, he perceived the the trace of the needle as a curve similar to the Rhino horn. He applied this shape to several paintings like in ¨Virgin Buggered By Her Own Chastity¨.
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Salvador Dali por Salvador Dali.
Remarks: In his own words, he describes the evolution of his ambition since his chidhood, that went from wishing to be a Cook, to Napoleon, and finaly, to be Salvaddor Dalí.
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