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: it does indeed have good rates for clicks and leads. The problem? many of them are gambling and topics that may not be suited for some sites. - AdOrigin.com: High rates, but some of its pop-out adds may be somewhat agressive with the user, as in making them very annoying to close. - PopUpTraffic.com: Insteresting popups option - ClixGalore.com: relatively good rates, with a variety of announcers, excellent estadistics tools, but   sometimes  they decrease the balance with no explanation.
The future: Contextual advertising. Google AdSense, Quigo AdSonar, Kanoodle, and Bidclix are options  that are currently (2004) growing up.

CJ.com ( cj.com ): they use the best technology there is in this type of business. The amount of announcers is unbeleiveable! but most of all, they are honest. I am convinced they are one of the best choices. - LinkShare: has a great variety of announcers. But, they only pay the commissions of an announcer when the minimum amount of money of that particular announcer is exeeded. (CJ consolidates all commissions) - Amazon.com: their product varieties and help tools for selling on-line are simply espectacular (Datafeed, for example).

  is one of the best afiliation program [Clicking in the button you will become AllPosters.com affiliate and will receive support and advices from here]. (
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Webmasters Make $$$
Webmasters Make $$$

Art.com left Linkshare and is working directly with publishers once more time. Again it's a good choice, also offers state of the art custom framing giving you the opportunity to earn greater commissions on framed prints. They offer a range of linking tools that automatically generate html for products chosen and comprehensive reports to help you track your performance. [Clicking in the button you will become Art.com affiliate and will receive support and advices from here]. It only takes a few minutes.  I'm sure you’ll enjoy being an Art.com Affiliate.

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