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Salvador Dali. Not Salvadore,Salvidor, Salvatore or Salvator

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Salvador Dali
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Dali Biography

  Biography  of one of the most brilliant artist known to mankind.

Gallery I


Salvador Dali Gallery  I:   1925 - 1941

Gallery II


Salvador Dali Gallery  II:   1942 - 1983


  3D Gallery. Anaglyph.*


   3-Dimensional  techniques. 
Interpretations   Commentaries and interpretations. 
Critical-Paranoiac   Critical-Paranoiac Method.
Gala   Gala - Elena Dimitrovna Diakonova
Dali Quotes   Salvador Dalí Quotations
Book Reviews   Books about Salvador Dali -  Reviews

Fuzzy Egg

  Fuzzy-Floating-Egg: Discrete simulation of a Fuzzy control
Dalí Market   Dali's: Clocks-Ties-Fragrances-Framed Art-Books-Posters-Videos.



  Dali Links
  Web http://www.3d-dali.com
3D Links
* To watch anaglyph, You will need Red on left side - to see Dali in 3D red on the left and  blue/ right . If you have Blue on left side - Don't show Dali in 3Dblue on the left and red/right click     HERE 

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