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Not faking it: artist's 'orgasm box' goes up at Tate Modern ... He suggested there was nothing shocking about the Iannone work which had predecessors in the history of art such as Salvador Dali's Freudian photo collageThe ...
Independent, UK - Dec 15, 2005 -

Nicolas Joly ... It was pure Salvador Dalí with Joly brandishing an electric field detector in theatrical fashion (it looked like a transistor radio with a shiny aerial ...
South African Wine News, South Africa - Dic 15, 2005 -

Fine arts - The Bard, by way of Bob and Bing ... (There are even cameo appearances by Groucho and Harpo Marx, as well as Salvador Dali.) At one point, during a chase scene, Wager gives a whole new meaning to ...
Washington Examiner, DC -Dic 15, 2005 -

Poet in New York by Michael Feingold ... Having gone abroad partly to escape his unrequited love for the confrontational but unresponsive painter Salvador Dalí, he kept finding images of death-in-life ...
Village Voice, NY - Dec 13, 2005 -,feingold,70955,11.html

Best of the Fringe Award to Salvador Dali By LOUISE NUNN. A challenging two-hander about the artist Salvador Dali has been declared the most outstanding show of the Fringe. ...
Advertiser Adelaide, Australia - Dec 12, 2005 -,5936,3972918%255E30783,00.html

Enlightenment from darkness ... Sewell also fitted neatly with the Fringe – his play The Secret Death of Salvador Dali was a weekly Advertiser Fringe award winner in 2002. ...
Advertiser Adelaide, Australia - Dec 12, 2005 -,5936,8625607%255E30782,00.html

A Surrealist trip through time HARTFORD -- As Salvador Dalí used to tell it, when he first exhibited his ''Retrospective Bust of a Woman" in Paris in 1933, Pablo Picasso showed up with his ...
Boston Globe, United States - Dec 11, 2005 -

Exhibit links surrealist Dali to modernists If you think of Salvador Dali as the painter of dreams who preferred his own world, secure like the medieval castle he lived in and incurious about other art ...
Bradenton Herald, United States - Dec 11, 2005 -

Essential Hitchcock ... to Hitchcock's output in the early '60s, Truffaut commented that the director's "genius for publicity was equaled only by that of Salvador Dalí" and that ...
Village Voice, NY - Dec 10, 2005 -,egoyan,70702,20.html

Hoving to sign "Master Pieces" at the Book Cove ... "I have a little anecdote about Salvador Dali," Hoving said in the interview. "I met him in Paris once, and he recognized me, because ...
Pawling News Chronicle, NY - Dec 9, 2005 -

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