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UNDERWEAR OF THE STARS EXHIBITION AND AUCTION ... Inspired by a piece of work by artist Salvador Dali, Chalida Tantipibhop used oil-colours to paint a picture of women looking up at an overcast sky. ...
Bangkok Post, Thailand - Nov 7, 2005 -

Student taps Bay Area artists for gerontology class project ... such as wearable art and jewelry designers Lee Brooks and Gregory Franke of Alex & Lee Jewelry, whose collectors include Cher and Salvador Dali, to voluntarily ...
Sacramento State University, CA - Nov 7, 2005 -

Easy rider ... From Madremanya it is a short ride to Pubol and the castle where Salvador Dalí installed his Russian wife, Gala, visiting only at her invitation. ...
Scotsman, United Kingdom - Nov 5, 2005 -

The Agony & Ecstasy ... In 1979, Pyne was compared to Salvador Dali and told by an eminent critic that his distinctive style belonged to the surreal school. ...
Kolkata Newsline, India - Nov 5, 2005 -

Photographer of stars seeks to get behind public images ... But not one of the show's 11 dozen subjects, ranging from Gloria Swanson and Alvin Ailey to Salvador Dali and Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a celebrity -- Mitchell ...
Richmond Times Dispatch, VA - Nov 5, 2005 -!flair!ae&s=1045855936372

A closet yields its treasures ... He says the photo he used for her memorial showed Joyce at a party for the AGO's Salvador Dali exhibit, a glass of wine in hand, laughing. ...
Globe and Mail, Canada - Nov 5, 2005 -

The Identity Club New and Selected Stories and Songs ... joins a club, largely made up of his fellow workers, in which members assume the identities of famous dead figures, such as Edgar Allan Poe or Salvador Dali. ...
San Francisco Chronicle, United States - Nov 5, 2005 -

New director named for Kimmel Cancer Center ... He said his wife and two sons enjoyed a visit last year to Philadelphia for the Salvador Dali exhibit and are excited to move here. ..., PA - Nov 3, 2005 -

We're Crazy for These "Shrink" Films ... Beyond the delicious delirium of the Salvador Dali-designed dream sequences (say that five times fast!), “Spellbound” is a rarity in Hitchcock’s oeuvre ..., NY - Nov 01, 2005 -

Book Review: The Dream Life of Sukhanov by Olga Grushin ... visit of an apologetic cousin whom Sukhanov can`t remember having met; a contretemps at his office when Sukhanov`s article on Salvador Dalí is 'bumped' by a ...
Monsters and, UK -Nov 01, 2005 -

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