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Alice in change ... He's intelligent, sounds fully grounded and can tell stories about icons he's known over the decades from the late Frank Zappa to the late Salvador Dali. ...
The News-Press, FL - Sep 27, 2005 -

José Rivera Work Massacre (Sing To Your Children) Gets a Cast for ... ... Her conversation with Che is the basis for the work which will star John Ortiz (Anna in the Tropics, References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot) as Che Guevara. ...
Broadway World, NY - Sep 27, 2005 -

Teachers will museum-hop Tuesday night ST. PETERSBURG - The Florida Holocaust Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Salvador Dali Museum will host the third annual Teachers' Tribute night Tuesday. ...
St. Petersburg Times, FL -Sep 25, 2005 -

Saddle up for yearly equine art auction ... 19th-century animaliers (people who create animal art); 40 Currier & Ives prints and comic narratives; a 1971 pair of equine images by Salvador Dali; and 21 ...
Louisville Courier-Journal, KY -Sep 25, 2005 -

'MIRRORMASK' REFLECTS 'OZ' AND 'WONDERLAND' After all, Helena, the rebellious 15-year-old who anchors their "Wizard of Oz"-by-way-of-Salvador Dali CGI-powered fantasy, appears in virtually every scene. ...
San Francisco Chronicle, United States - Sep 25, 2005 -

Salvador Dali, Human Towers and beautiful beaches Port Ligat is a very small village walking distance from Cadaques. It is famous for the house of surrealist painter Salvador Dali (museum since 1997). ...
Bella Online - Sep 24, 2005 -

“Mystical and Lyrical”: The “Daliest” opens exhibit in ... ... The nephew introduced Sahakian to a certain client who fancied having enormous rollers in his hair, Salvador Dali. That day ..., Armenia - Sep 23, 2005 -

Artist turns objects into art ... Bud Oleson, whose equestrian sculptures dot the landscape along Tampa's Bayshore Boulevard, and by such modern art masters as Salvador Dali and David Smith ...
St. Petersburg Times, FL - Sep 23, 2005 -

Just A Little To The Left vs. 1970: The Pussycat Dolls ... a lofty goal. Ayn Rand, Jack Kerouac, Salvador Dali and the Beatles would be on my shortlist of such geniuses. With the recent release ...
The Good Five-Cent Cigar (subscription), RI -Sep 22, 2005 -

A bunch of charlies and an awards factory ... Texan supermodel . . . well, Salvador Dali himself would have been getting his coat and asking the doorman to hail him a lobster. ...
Times Online, UK - Sep 22, 2005 -,,8304-1791746,00.html

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