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Horst Tappe, 67, Portraitist of Noted Writers and Artists, Dies ... 29 (AP) - Horst Tappe, a German photographer known for portraits of literary and artistic luminaries including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Vladimir Nabokov ...
New York Times, United States -Ago 30, 2005 -

What sort of shows ahead for renovated Mahaffey? ... As the Mahaffey takes its place in an arts park alongside the Salvador Dali Museum, expectations are high now that one of the nation's largest venue booking ...
St. Petersburg Times, FL -Ago 28, 2005 -

Google opens its new door to the Internet ... They range from TimeWarp, an analog clock display with optional Salvador Dali-style limp watch forms, to a module called gdTunes, a box in which one can pick ...
Chicago Tribune, United States - Ago 27, 2005 -,1,7824999.column?coll=chi-techtopheds-hed

Sculpture gets stares ... Kelley's version is more like Salvador Dali's take on "The Terminator." The anguished figure is pierced by a rocket and wears an airplane wing like a dorsal fin ...
Richmond Times Dispatch, VA -Ago 27, 2005 -

Mr Beaton's camera ... piece of decaying matter ... She is a dried-up old boot." Salvador Dali? He had "really appalling bad breath". There is much more. ...
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription), Australia - Ago 27, 2005 -

Weekend best bets ...By WILMA NORTON, Times Staff Writer. Tonight is the last chance to catch two summer celebrations: S'REAL Fridays happy hour at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. ...
St. Petersburg Times, FL -Ago 26, 2005 -

A golden opening ... a specific proportion between the sections of a rectangle, and has influenced the design of countless works, from the Parthenon to Salvador Dali's "Last Supper ...
Cleveland Plain Dealer, OH -Ago 26, 2005 -

For an artist, divine inspiration ... A series of giclees in bright tropical colors depicted scrubby Florida palm trees, and a sculpture of a Salvador Dali-esque "half" clock rested on a table. ...
St. Petersburg Times, FL -Ago 26, 2005 -

A wealth of artistic material ... working with fashion, including Sonia Delaunay's modernistic designs for dresses, hats and scarves, created about 1925, and Salvador Dali's Surrealist tie. ...
Wood & Vale, UK -Ago 26, 2005 -

Isla Ebusitana e Ilex: Las dos leyendas centenarias ... En 1971 fue adquirido por John Peter Moore, secretario particular de Salvador Dalí y queda atracado habitualmente en Cadaqués (Gerona), hasta que en 1989 es ...
MasMar, Spain -Ago 25, 2005 -,3771,1.html

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