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The Fine Art Of Dining ... a chicken dish topped by a red lobster shell that looked like a phone receiver when the Philadelphia Museum of Art staged a Salvador Dalí exhibit featuring ...
BusinessWeek -Aug 05, 2005 -

Dalí Retrospective Produces Almost $55 Million PHILADELPHIA, PA.-The recently concluded Salvador Dalí retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art was not only a spectacular exhibition of a great artist ...
Art Daily - Ago 04, 2005 -

At the museums By Times Staff Writer. Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg - "Dali Revealed: Land, Myth, Perception and God," from the permanent ...
St. Petersburg Times, FL -Ago 04, 2005 -

Avant-Garde: Experimental Cinema of the 1920s and '30s ... the filmmakers themselves) struggle with ideas to win a filmmaking contest in Liberty magazine, ultimately deriving inspiration from Salvador Dali paintings. ...
digitallyOBSESSED, IL -Ago 04, 2005 -

An Urban Escape ... their café style sandwiches and organic selection of chips (if you need a jolt of caffeine, I highly recommend the German Chocolate or El Salvador Dali coffees ...
Versus Online (subscription), TN -Ago 04, 2005 -

Understanding Hitchcock a Psycho analysis Johnson's plays are often peopled by the famous: Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein in Insignificance; Sigmund Freud and Salvador Dali in Hysteria; the Carry ...
Australian, Australia - Ago 04, 2005 -,5744,16142685%255E16947,00.html

Space travel in Sossusvlei ... Like colossal sculptures – as if Salvador Dali or Henry Moore had been let loose on a vast scale – they come smooth and rounded or corrugated with sharp ..., UK - Ago 04, 2005 -

POP-In Room: Three dance films by Sue Healey ... based The Seashell and The Clergyman on a script by Antonin Artaud and Un Chien andalou, was by the Spanish film maker Luis Bunuel (1900-82) and Salvador Dali. ...
NZ Art Monthly, New Zealand - Ago 04, 2005 -

Artnet News ... The Philadelphia Museum of Art reports that its "Salvador Dalí" retrospective, on view at the museum Feb. 16-May 30, 2005, generated ...
Artnet, NY - Ago 03, 2005 -

When Dali went to Hollywood, there was a Hitch ... The collaboration between Alfred Hitchcock, the movie-making megalomaniac, and Salvador Dali, the moustachioed surrealist, led to a mad intermission in the ...
Australian, Australia - Ago 03, 2005 -,5744,16132414%255E16947,00.html

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