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The New Look Of Hebrew Instruction ... poet Yehuda Amichai; lyrics by Israeli folksinger Chava Alberstein; passages from Genesis; artwork by the Surrealist painter Salvador Dali; dialogues that ...
New York Jewish Week, NY - Jul 07, 2005 -

Review: ADF 'Piñata' audience saw something special ... their chests and even use their necks as fulcrums to twist their bodies completely around in a fluid way as though they were sundials created by Salvador Dali. ...
Durham Herald Sun, NC - Jul 07, 2005 -

Can't You Hear Me Walking? [Registration needed]... "We had a lot of fun with this collection," he said, adding that Salvador Dalí on the beach in Spain had been the starting point. ...
New York Times, NY - Jul 07, 2005 -

Our culture scene: So hot it's cool [Registration needed]...By MARIAN GODFREY. I MISS SALVADOR Dali. And those ever-present banners of his well-waxed aerial mustache. He gave the city much ...
Philadelphia Daily News, PA -Jul 06, 2005 -

The Autograph Man ... Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, Ray and Dave Davies, Garrison Keillor, the Partridge Family, the Clash, Sammy Hagar, Lucille Ball, Joe Louis, Salvador Dali, Marc Bolan ...
Minneapolis City Pages, MN -Jul 06, 2005 -

Consciously painting the subconscious ... developed techniques like automatism and drip painting that sought to bypass conscious creativity, other Surrealists, like Salvador Dali, consciously painted ...
The Japan Times, Japan - Jul 06, 2005 -

Derring-do artist undone [Registration needed]... guerrilla artist emblazoned the walls of Miami Coral Park Senior High School in the dark of night, leaving towering images of Salvador Dalí, bomb-toting ...
Miami Herald, FL -Jul 05, 2005 -

Young benefactors are museums' future hope ... All were evident at a recent martini party the Salvador Dali Museum's Zodiac Group hosted in the Bank, a St. Petersburg club. Guests ...
St. Petersburg Times, FL -Jul 04, 2005 - Young_benefactors_are.shtml

Auction offers items from former Playboy model, prominent ... Lithograph reproductions of several famous artists, including Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, were put up for bid alongside unique paintings by lesser known ...
Brownsville Herald, TX - Jul 03, 2005 -

He's cooking ... lab to inform his cooking (dubbed “molecular gastronomy”) has led some to paint him as a kind of culinary Dr Frankenstein, or the Salvador Dali of the ...
Times Online, UK -  Jul 03, 2005 -,,632- 1677115,00.html

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