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Life, art, and paintings of the most brilliant surrealist artist
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Recalling the circus that was Dali ...Salvador Dali was the larger-than-life Catalonian artist best known for surrealist paintings like "The Persistence of Memory," which featured melting watches. ...
Chicago Sun-Times, IL -Jun 24, 2005 -  output/galleries/cst-ftr-dali24.html

Banyan opens summer season with 'The Glass Menagerie' ... There is a heightened experience.". The set design, which evokes the art of Salvador Dali, is by Richard Cannon. Lighting is by Marty Petlock. ...
Bradenton Herald, FL -Jun 24, 2005 -  mld/bradenton/entertainment/11963775.htm

Interactive works capture interplay of shadows, light ... In it, he takes images from the 1929 surrealist film ''Un Chien Andalou," by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel, and invites the viewer to interact with them. ...
Boston Globe, MA -Jun 24, 2005 -  articles/2005/06/24/interactive_ workscapture_interplayof_shadows_light

Mending Broken Dreams And Damaged Brains ... Poets, artists, and other dreamers present distortions of reality like Salvador Dali's famous drooping watches and Pablo Picasso's famous "Les Demoiselles de ... - Jun 23, 2005 - http://www.useless-

Art world goes wild for chimpanzee's paintings as Warhol work ... ... Picasso acquired one of Congo's 400 works, Miro swapped two of his paintings for one of Congo's, and Salvador Dali was so smitten with the ape's canvases that ..., UK - Jun 21, 2005 -

First glimpse at new look Kelvingrove ... previously on view. The final piece will be the priceless Christ of St John of the Cross by Salvador Dali. Glasgow City Council ...
Glasgow Evening Times, UK - Jun 21, 2005 -

Downtown rebound: Members of St. Patrick Church have ... Two members of the church will run a business called Salvador Deli, named after the famed Spanish artist Salvador Dali, that will specialize in panini ...
Greeley Tribune, CO - Jun 20, 2005 -

Santa Barbara sites [Registration needed]... art lover won't want to miss the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, which has a European collection that includes works by Henri Matisse, Salvador Dali, Claude Monet ...
OCRegister (subscription), CA -Jun 19, 2005 - regional_travel/article_561343.php

Looking forward to fun ... And the one that I looked up at was a Salvador Dali. So I took an art history class on a lark. I was smitten immediately. Q. Alright. ...
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI - Jun 19, 2005 -

Visual arts this week ... Work by Salvador Dali, Thursday through July 23. 5 to 8 pm Thursday, then 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday, and by appointment. ..., NJ - Jun 19, 2005 -

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