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Santa Barbara sites [Registration needed]... art lover won't want to miss the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, which has a European collection that includes works by Henri Matisse, Salvador Dali, Claude Monet ...
OCRegister (subscription), CA -Jun 19, 2005 - regional_travel/article_561343.php

Looking forward to fun ... And the one that I looked up at was a Salvador Dali. So I took an art history class on a lark. I was smitten immediately. Q. Alright. ...
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI - Jun 19, 2005 -

Visual arts this week ... Work by Salvador Dali, Thursday through July 23. 5 to 8 pm Thursday, then 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday, and by appointment. ..., NJ - Jun 19, 2005 -

Chicago: the art of dining ... Unlike Cantu and Achatz, executive chef Shawn McClain and chef de cuisine Christine Kim may not actively channel the spirit of Salvador Dali on an MIT ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription), MN - Jun 19, 2005 -

Taye Diggs, Anthony Mackie, Steven Pasquale Cast in All-Male A ... ... Her other directing credits include Neil LaBute's Fat Pig, Lanford Wilson's Fifth of July, Jose Rivera's References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, Eric ..., NY - Jun 18, 2005 -

The Movie Guide ... (PG: Violence and children in jeopardy.) Like a Saturday-morning cartoon by Salvador Dali, ‘The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D’ revels in ...
Santa Cruz Sentinel, CA -Jun 18, 2005 -

Chazen show features magic realists ... "What you won't see are the totally irrational images of Salvador Dali or Rene Magritte," Cozzolino says. "Mostly this kind of surrealism is more subtle. ...
The Capital Times, WI - Jun 17, 2005 -

Signs of boldness [Registration needed]... It features him being chased by a helicopter while swimming and carrying under his arm a famous painting -- Salvador Dali's "Disintegration of the Persistence ...
Chicago Tribune, IL - Jun 16, 2005 -,1,4119749.story?coll=chi-business-utl

Old courthouse would be fine home for art museum ... facility, as a life member of the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, and as a founder of the Order of Salvador at the Dali Museum. ...
St. Petersburg Times, FL - Jun 16, 2005 -

Pinehurst's greens provide tough test... chocolate bar left on a car dashboard. The collar areas fall off so abruptly, they have been compared to a Salvador Dali painting. ...
Orlando Sentinel, FL - Jun 16, 2005 -,0,1406071.story?coll=orl-sports-headlines

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